A Brick Sandbox

The tabula rasa of a world war created a canvas that emerged from ashes  as a Phoenix.  Embedded in every visible structure is a vista stretch.  A twist of linear thinking into a cubist Resurrection from the dead.  Housing is more than building.  A sign over one building reads in my translation:” The whole world is my creator’s house.”  Part of creating housing is building spaces for community to grow.  Community is the antidote for the many ails of our culture.

On the plaza in Rotterdam there is an integrated market hall and office complex.  The 12 storey glass wall at both ends, of what looks like a researchers wind tunnel, shelters all from rain and wind. The offices wrap around and over the market.  A community of mutual support.

And inside, the twelve storey ceiling is raised beyond the height of most cathedrals, raised to humble the creature with possibility.

Look more across the plaza a tower rises with non-linear windows.

Towering over the plaza a pointed cone reflects sky and cloud.  Then the buildings enter my vista and I am reminded again that this brick sandbox is part of my Creator’s world and I need to build in it for the next generation.



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