Bed Ridden

The gallery of beds, of tables, of curtains line the perimeter of the room. The emptiness a reminder of a long history.  A long story told in a lifetime of chapters.  The keys each a Rosetta Stone to memory.

Walking through the corridors I notice the materials, the tapestries, the paintings and the decorated purloins.  Each detail a monument to the community and its theology that contributed to this facility driven by some ulterior motive of attaining the good karma of a speedy journey from the purgatory of the waiting room directly to heaven.  Through the decades the original principals of care have combined to offer the best loving nursing which to this day still underline the care in the new hospital.

The meeting of Jacob and Rachel at the well at Charan captures not only the care of strangers but also drapes the walls with a vision of hope.  Rachel was watering her sheep and brings Jacob home. The story reaches beyond individuals into a nation of promise.

On the streets of Beaune, the local mascot, a cuddly version of a bear polished with splashes of colour, embraces visitors and locals with open arms. Visitors may arrive to see the roots of hospital care but in the rays of sunshine catch a glimpse of a chocolate eclair in the local square.

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