Drug Money

There is an imbalance in the drug industry.  In Cairo, at the end of January a large Egyptian drug pedlar hosts a soirée so elaborate that even the streets of Cairo were turned into conduits for visitors.  Now launching a new migraine medication may merit some empathy, but launching a whole company to public trading status demands a meal, a dance and a multi-screen presentation.

The old SMPTE test patterns were used to align three sets of 40 screens so the attendees could understand drug money in a way no dealer ever had.  These sellers were not using criminal code exempt 12 years olds, they were using the caveats of the stock market to remind people of their personal obligations.  This was a trial… The stage gets set for announcing that the first one is free.  This is the language every drug dealer knows.

Amid the glitter of round brass tables, a free meal, techno-Babel and libations of celebration the drug company has fleeced the lamb.  I was wondering if drug companies could spend as much on treatment as they do on promotion — maybe the market for illegal drugs would disappear.

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