Embracing the Whole World

The wind blows across this sandstorm image and presents the hands-open waiting-women as introduction and background in the Kunsthalle.  The Holder painting is larger than life and it diminishes all who pass by.  The dessert sandstorm foreshadowing a drift in the affairs of men.

Orpheus appears to reach around the the world created by Giogimetti.  The image is a twisted moment in my mind wherein the recall of the sculpture of Atlas holding up the whole world merges with the accidental (intentional?)visual presentation.

The infinite spiral of the Sherer installation rounds out the world.  Art has a way of embracing a whole world, a way to restore our companionship with everything within our sphere.  The Holder dessert storm, the held whole world and even the sprung potential remind us of our presence on this sphere. It might be time to embrace this terrestrial ball before this wound spring sandblasts us into an eternal summer.

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