Fire — a little more heat

Turning slowly on the rotisserie, the chickens turn from birds to dinner.  The roasting potatoes are included in the deal and fire creates a meal.  Fire creates a meal when there is no fire at home or when there is too much heat at home. The take-out traditions have adapted the element of fire to serve the local needs.  Whether the local taco stand or the chicken rotisserie the communal application of fire delivers more meals to more people.

Sinking into the horizon at the tide line the great fire-ball in the sky shares colours with the particulates that convert solar heat to visual delight.  The evening glow hovers as a reminder that day is done.  The cooler air of evening will permit the return to patterns of eating and drinking and laughing and telling stories.  The evening fires and lights replace the light of day and life returns to the streets.

There is a beauty in elemental fire. There is more beauty in solar fire.  In the north, evening would call for conversations around the hearth in the tropics. It is the promise of freedom from heat that foreshadows the evening.  It does become a bit like the purging fires of damnation — fire can purify, fire can create warmth and fire can promise a new day.

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