Garlic — 76 varieties and counting

In the attic of the barn at the U of A organic gardens, four flats of field grown garlic were slowly drying.  Fans pushing air across cloves.  In the drying room there were also four boxes of extra seed garlic.  We brought several cloves of “Garlic Ranch” along to plant along side our growing garlic crop.  This variety boasts some amazing health and general medicinal properties and is also great garlic!

Then across the table a box containing cloves of “California Pink” garlic was beckoning for a new home.  To augment the variety and improve our scape crop we also brought a few selected seed cloves to plant in our fall garlic garden.

This could be the end of the garlic story, however with the “Ellets'” help and our expanding selection of Russian Garlic the crop for 2021 is almost complete.  The most surprising garlic has been the “Keystone” select garlic variety.  To augment all of the above and complement our garlic development we will be attempting the environmental creation of Rosemary Garlic.  In a world of abundant variety expanding the options might be a very green thing to be doing.  Aside from all this — Garlic is good for you!


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