Heart N Art

The dated heart pulses behind every image.  The bright red heart, like a chili pepper beats with the southern heat to create visual feasts.  In contrast to much of the whitewashed construction, the buildings are emerging adorned with more than murals.  There is a heartfelt wash of colour directing eyes, traffic and feet around town.  There are art walks. Art talks. Writing groups and galleries.

On the crest of the hill above the Malecon is the Cafe des Artes.  The restaurant launched as a labor of love, evolved to a world class eatery and then the exterior emerged in the Art neighborhood as a castle waiting for your move! We have been visiting here for over 25 years and each visit was both a gain and a demand or again.

Seated in the trance of the pixelated woman, the troopers pause to rest.  This is a foot stomping display of colour.  10cm squares digitize the image and create a wholistic grid of blended and blending colours.  All of this is music for the eyes.  In the rainbow flags, banners and bags are embedded the neighborly and neighborhood pride.  The three dimensional statue emerges from the day of the dead with a mariachi love for life. The heart beat of this place/town/beach/respite is coloured by sunshine and dusted with moonbeams.



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