On the Road

Sometimes “this packing a suitcase” is more than delight!  Tonight putting each carefully selected item in my carry-on bag (Yes, that is all the worldly stuff one really needs) I am ready for six weeks on the road.  The new novel by Miriam Toews and the Nouwen classic make good company for my wandering passport.


Towering over the Keystone gardens a hand crafted long necked guardian. This bird rendered in PVC scraps by Margaret’s brother Chuck is more than folk art.  This is a skyline punctuation!


The Brussels Sprouts are almost Thanksgiving ready!    Somehow leaving the gardens behind and watching the team members grow is more exciting each year.  My notes, as I was homeward bound, caught glimpses of an altered reality.  Launching on this journey there is a tentativeness.  My friend is bravely unwell.  Mortality is a fleeting concept.  My pacemaker just kicked it up a notch.  Sure wish there was a way to kick recovery up a notch fo people.  A pacemaker!  Oh we call those meetings.



The woven web enfolds the ripening goji berries.  A mountain peaks in the background as we leave the riches of a fall garden behind.  A few hours in the air and a whole old world breaks into experience.

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