Once Upon a Time

Waterworn monument stones peel layers of history with each turn of the tide.  This beach has been home to swimming teams, local kings, tidal waves and aerial attacks.  In each flaking turn of time there is an unfolding of history and the tracing of a protractor.  There may be something valuable to history in manual skills.

Waves breaking on a breakwater that outlines a safe swimming pool and a few hundred yards up the beach one of the original hotels — vestiges of another era. The pool has been a training water for many athletes. A pink memory flashing shape and form against the background of all the tacky boxes brings an earlier era to mind. Imagine what this beach was like before time-shares and shopping malls.  Before the invasions of pop culture!  Along the tide line the water wears away at every errected structure turning everything into waterfront where waves and people meet.  We could tell this story as a fairy tale or we could simply enjoy the sun and waves.

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