Pink and other Colours

The umbrellas perched around city hall carry more than message.  The month of October is focused on breast cancer awareness in France.  The run for fun and funds was today.  Pink shirts everywhere.  Somewhere/somehow the message would benefit from some congruity.  There were a lot of pink shirted smokers who might have missed the lung cancer run a few weeks ago.  There is an undercurrent of living with personal focus and ignoring the interconnections between health, wellness and spiritual awareness.

The rainbow of colours created by the spoon rests overpowers any whitewash that T-shirts or cancer might generate.  For years Margaret has been trying to get me to use a spoon rest so I don’t drizzle dinner all over kitchen counters.  Living gets a bit complicated like that, to cook a good meal includes cleaning up.  Being consistent.  Smoking t-shirts don’t carry a consistent message.

It might even be simpler than my judgement.  The stray Holyhock flowers a bright pink bloom where least expected.  When the cracks in the concrete walkway proclaim glory maybe I too should join the chorus.

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