Prague, more castles, bridges and churches

To simply discount Prague as more…. would not capture the history and soul of the city. Having survived wars, reformations,kingdoms and communist occupation the city has a decadent independence. It has more spyres, fewer church members and yet more social empathy. Each walkway offers a vista of possible perspective.


The culmination of the colours of the clay roofs and the capped building heights coupled with the waterways and bridges turns each vista into a dramatic present. Trees were scarce and parks were sparse.


The promise of hope crosses Charles bridge each day as the sun rises behind the spyres. Margaret and I stood on the bridge on a few occaisions and on each one, the light and the shadows of the disconnected towers and spyres — towers that were supplanted for castle tours and spyres for climbing to catch a view — each a memory of what was history here. Here where the Reformation first set foot. The statue in old town square of Hess is the largest in town!


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