The largest reflecting pool captures wind and broken images.  The Doppler effect of waves in the water cancels a perfect reflection.  The building a reflection of former glory.  I sometimes wish mirrors were that kind of honest. Glory without wrinkles.  Across the square St Michels Church raises a few gothic spyres to the sky.

The light, fractured by stained glass, glows behind the altar and casts a hue on the carved pulpit. The raised focal point for vocal projection before the days of microphones.  The reflection of voices still reverberates throughout the cathedral and memory recalls grace without judgement.

In the loft over the entrance a  “new organ” glows beneath the stained glass circle of life.  The reflection mirror perfect but devoid of the scars of time.

Behind the altar the original organ, dusted by time and wrinkled with history, is held in a purgatory of memory waiting for a wand of grace. Reflections, whether images or memory, draw the past essentials into focus and abandons the fractured images to grace.  Real glory without wrinkles.


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