Rua D Vasco Da Gama

Streets in cities tend to be known for restaurants or shops.  I really want to take a few moments to share the street art on Rua Vasco Da Gama.  This unassuming, one side abandoned street in Lagos continues the Portuguese tradition of spectacular street art.  This art carries more than message.  This art is a commentary on us and our times.

Peering from behind clapboard doors (or through them) are the characters of our politics.  But more telling is the version of Little Red Rding Hood that brings her basket, like a handmaid,  to the deliverance.

There, those children coy and playful before the loss of innocence

And every visage an image of despair and want.  Images of loss and victory.

Each illustration marked by the artist.  Each illustration conveying despair and hope!

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