Once more on the C. Del Moro a greeting, a rest stop, a welcome.  Along the way we discovered size and scale in many details. I was privileged to spend Thursday evening in a twelve step meeting.  In the course of the day I was reading Gregory Boyle, “Barking to the Choir” I was reminded again and again that “staying awake” for just one hour was not a warning “that death is coming but a reminder that life is happening.  “Now…. Is the day of salvation”. I looked around rubbed my eyes at the surreal surroundings.  I was living now!  The “hello” was for me!

The banded coffee mortar captures a scale of an era gone by.  Sitting idle in the coffee bar it simply attracts garbage in the absence of appropriate receptacles.  Sometimes the scale of history attracts offal, rejected stories of once upon a time.

Orange walls support a traditional thatched roof.  The scale of this pillow palace is dwarfed by the bougainvillea!  The field of blooms stages the hostel and demarks the walkways  in Puerto Escondido — a thicket between water and land!

Back on the beach the waves scale the bay grinding every stone into the forever future and rolling as a stage for surfers.

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