Smart Cop

In Guadalajara we visited sights and neighborhoods and one of the more friendly encounters was with a low wheeled police vehicle.  There were smiles, recognition that this was a more friendly approach for both ecology and law-enforcement.

We wandered the local merchants of Tlaquepache sampling coffee, art and clothing!  Knowing at every step there was a paced happiness.  A good to be here!  The spyres of worship and wandering punctuated the skyline like fermetras keeping score.

And there placed prominently in the square a statue waving broken chains, celebrating liberty, a statue of the Catholic priest, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, known as the leader and father of Mexican independence of September 16, 1810.  He devoted much of his efforts to introduce new agricultural methods and sought ways to minimize the oppression of the ordinary people by the Spanish occupiers.

Wandering the streets, really nosing around, the preponderance of street art, statues and open spaces nurtures a celebratory culture that values art, colour, food and family.

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