Spectators into Spectacle

The gathered faithful.  It may not be the conventional image, but these young people are wired to the appearance of  a you-tube artist named Caily.  They are cheering with an intensity only seen at early Beattles concerts.  They are young women only seen swooning at pop idols.  But here in a mall in Mexico they are cheering and awaiting the arrival of their selfie star.  They get to post an image of themselves with the star.  A sharing experience.  An ever growing techno-attachment.


On shoulders and light-poles they are gathered to capture the moment.  They no longer use film.  They do not use Polaroids. These ardent groupies use “devices” that are a one-stop for culture and connection. It is amazing how the spectator becomes the spectacle.  A few steps down the mall, a golden treatment is applied free for one-half a face rejuvenation.  The spectator is captured and becomes spectacle.  And at this age spectacles might be necessary!


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