Spinning Wheel, Gambling and other Mountains to Climb

Through the clouds the peak of Mt Fuiji appears naked.  The white-silver crown pouring down rivulets toward the sea — pausing in rice paddies on the way.  There is a level of denial about gambling in Japan.  A local person put it like this: the government does not allow gambling yet approves pachinko parlors that award non cash prizes (stuffed toys, food, hardware etc) that can be taken to the store down the street and exchanged for cash.  There is a duplicity in governments!  A spinning of yarns to thread the populace along.

The strongest arguments lean toward downsizing government.  Kawai downsized the piano to two octaves and presents it in a hand crafted scaled sounding board.  It looks cute, the furniture is exquisite but it is not a piano.  It does not run a full range of keys, no volume from the hammers and nowhere to sit!  It truly is a case of going around the scales in circles.

Getting back to governments and spinning yarns and scaling down and the melting snow — one needs to ponder the fascination of major cities with Ferris wheels.  The more people we can spin in wheels over piers and docks and cities and parks — the fewer people will pay attention to the money falling out of their pockets.  Maybe being entertained in a warming world is a distraction.

Then a wall of chop sticks showed up.  My knowledge was of two simple sticks.  The universe of chopsticks was much larger.  I had to learn again and again, that the universe does not change but rather that my understanding needs to grow.  This might be the same problem governments have.  The universe of climate change is the universe and any two talking heads does not represent all the heads in the universe of the issue.

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