Stork Stack

Perched on a retired kiln chimney the stork nest a mix of sticks and delicate grasses.  A place to rest emerging young.  High above our morning walk this stack of bricks rises as a monument and as a reminder that nature will prevail.

Framing the city gate in Lagos, the Palm trees wave seed pods that foreshadow nature’s harvest.  The horizon is marked with evidence.

The retired winch is a reminder that at a moment in time was marked with an over abundance of fish.  A fishery closed for many species.  Another human landmark that again is evidence that nature will restore balance if we stand down.

A few miles down the beach we marvel at miles of filtering sand.  This like the stork nest is where new birth begins.  Water continues an endless washing, wearing, eroding and promising.  It truly is amazing that serenity can be restored with a few kilometres of walking along a beach.  Serenity will return to nature, with or without us!


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