Super-Glue Highway

Pausing to pump gasoline speaks to the present.  The ground surrounding the pump a blend of gasoline, diesel-oil and sand pressed under wheels and foot into a near macadamized road.  The heat of the day has evaporated the thinner fumes, yet the dark and particle rich exhaust hangs across all six lanes of roadway.  No crosswalk in sight, or even in mind.  The local transport, rich with nostalgia moves around the city with doors open and engine covers removed.  This heat, these heat waves, these engines.

Then when one looks closer, this VW has been converted to an eighteen passenger bus.  Slowing to pick up and discharge passengers.  There is an optimism in the air which when coupled with the glue of human kindness helps people cross roads.  Sticking like glue to anyone brave enough to wander across the traffic flow is a way of life.  It’s the only way to stay alive.

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