Water and War

The canal side houses frame the waterways of central Amsterdam. And are a background to memory, steps, colours and selfies.  Our children are not impressed with our techno image skills!

Payback is capturing their pleasure as sun sets in Amsterdam.

The painting that hangs in the Rijksmuseum by William Schellinks commemorates the Battle of Medway in June 1667.

The Dutch captured an English flagship and dragged it to Holland as booty.  The images, as all war images remind us of the current wars in Ukraine.  War is cruel. Sometimes from our remote control solutions are easy.  Sometimes even golf can be hard.

Just caught Joel sneaking a few practice putts before the school open in Terrace.  Like all games, images and stories they are only true if you believe them to be true.  The story needs to convey possible truth to be believed. The houses, smoke billows, golf balls all convey truth — their juxtaposition creates questions. Time tilts our perspective on everything!


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