Waves and Raves

At the end of the day the Princess climbs the grass knoll between the playing children.  The sun sets over the ocean and we wave another day good-bye.  This has been more than just another day.  We saw colour everywhere.  A brightness that reflects the people and the land.  We saw (ok we ate) some great food.


The fettuccine dish at Rafael on San Martin was more than lunch.  It was a meal worth raving home about.  Rounding out the search for food was the incessant walking. A wabi sabi balance that the tensions held together.  Margaret captures all that!  She hates swimming in the ocean.  (Creepy and crawly things….) But in a pool she is a synchronized wave of hello.


On the banks of the blue pool the enlarged fettuccine noodles float as a reminder that lunch was worth raving about!

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