Big Box Coffins

The congested traffic sign directing visitors to the Giza Pyramids seems almost redundant.  This is Friday and a two day weekend is starting.  The big box coffins punctuate the horizon.  Small burial sites dwarfed by big box horizon –monopolies. One could actually extrapolate the analogy into North American retail antics.

Somewhere along the horizon jumbo coffins pierce the skyline.  Tombs for Pharohs and other mighty men. The graves for ordinary folk are dusted into desert sand with heads oriented to Mecca.  The big boxes get a lot of attention, a lot of visits.

In a dry and barren land there are very few birds and maybe building a birdhouse is a way of being hopeful.  Building pyramids left monuments but none of them were good for nesting.  The tree of life was in the garden.  Sometimes looking for bird houses can be seen as hopeful.

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