Bricks and more Bricks

The majoilica tiles with drinking mug decorations adhere to the brick wall. The ritual washing sink is surrounded with shared water. An oasis of kindness in a dry land. Manufacturing bricks and pyramid stones were often assigned to slaves. Some ancient stories recall slavery.

In the background a pyramid of “bricks” gathered to collect sunrise and sunset.  A tower of sunlight power.  Around the corner bricks are used as paper-weights to hold a fading sign in place.  A torn sign dragged through time by the historical weight of bricks.

Dispair would be easy.  The dreaming baker, the rounded mounds of Aish Baladi rising on wooden trays, the brick oven ready all point to another story.  Not only is this about a dream, but even more telling, this is about learning as a child to bake bread and swing a long handled paddle in a too-warm oven.  Years later all these brick baking stories merge with the present — offering more than hope.

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