Black Sand and Rice

The rice husks are used to heat the empty bowl.  The black volcanic sand is added along with a few spoons of Cocunut oil.  The entire wok is slowly heated to a scalding temperature.  No smoke.  No flash point.  Hot!!

The rice kernels are thrown into the hot sand and stirred vehemenantly.  Almost immediately the first kernels pop like pop-corn.

Yet this is rice!  Movie night with rice.  The heat engineer is stoking the flames and stirring the kernels.  Rice is popping all-over.  Then as quickly as the batch started it is poured into a screen that saves the popped kernels and returns the black sand to the oversized wok.Truly a cauldron boiling with trouble and promising a break. The rice kernels taste a rice-rich-reminiscent of cereal.  This is better than anything the local theatre or microwave can produce.  This is tradition.


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