Flowers, Rivers, Colours

The field of blooms wafts in the early fall sun.  Lavender breathes into the air and the grasses and blooms create a crescendo of colour.  Putting feet on the ground in Lyon is a rite of passage between seasons. The waters of the Rhone nurtures flowers, bulrushes and the fall of nature.  We have landed.

Here too there are gardens still yielding crops in the warmer post-season. There are weeds, there are visual feasts and there is a banquet of nature!

Sometimes we think we might need to shed the dreams of cycling and then in the summer extension electric bicycles appear.

Moving through the trails and paths and castles and towns a joie de vivre emerges.  Sun, food, pace and grace have staged us for this journey of discovery — opened our eyes for the mystery and nurture.  There a castle. A road. A town. A field. A landmark. A monument. A vista.

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