Forts, goats and holding on

The title image captures the holding on that comes from need, want and trust. Floating down the river…part of the forever altered future.  Airbus was to be a model of cooperation but became a juggling of grandiosity.  The bragging rights held in every corner of the consortium.

In the courtyard of the old fort, goats have replaced weed-eaters and people.  The ecological gains are a miracle.  But on a bench in town an old person sleeps without a roof.

The old Fort has become a tourist site memorializing military architecture and the history of nation building.  The site a monument to human ability.  The difficulty of living with history is the scar it puts on our present understanding. The goats, the Airbus, the tourist sites all speak of change, however our lives are lived where we hang on to each other for dear life, where we become community that builds on the ashes of change.

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