Global Warming Hits Christmas

Ten inch red globes circle the escalators at Macy’s.  Godiva globes of seasonally enhanced chocolate frame remembrance. The big G is not a story of beginnings and redemption. Once upon a time, Christmas celebrations (and the conjunct decorations) did not make an appearance till  December.  This year department stores and chain operations, in a desire to stretch the thirteenth month, commenced the selling season and hype in early November.  The glitter hints at a nostalgia that will never feed the hungry or shelter the homeless.  To celebrate Christmas might require action that reaches beyond decoration.

Ornaments clamour for parental and grandparental attention. The narcissistic craving to be the most loved, to be the beloved are offered on sale at 40% off.  Somehow this does not synchronize with the roots of the Christmas story.  Now no matter whether you are Jewish or Catholic or Muslim or Evangelical or Agnostic the underlying truth is that baubles and bangles are hollow and superficial.  Maybe the climate change scientists were right — everything will be earlier, colder, hotter, later and easier to ignore!

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