Here comes the Garlic

Rows, varieties, beds, and care.  The traces of river sand are still embedded in the roots of these garlic heads. Each carefully partitioned into cloves of pungent goodness nurtured from nature over 18 months.  The fall planting bed for next year’s garlic crop is ready.  The soil is drained, the crop rotated, the marigolds on-guard against odour sensitive parasites. A garden awaits the Fall planting of garlic.  A week, maybe two and next years crop begins.  The gardens at the Last Door Keystone Retreat provide healthy food for the slowly improving health of clients, but more than all that there is a seasonal connectedness, a way of honouring sun and rain.  Each stake anticipates variety.  Each plant has a story.

We know it is Fall when the granite ledge is punctuated with orange globes. Fall is early this year and the powdered mildew has wilted the vines into the surrounding earth.  That bright orange pumpkin awaits a face, awaits the season of story, awaits like every year, the  change of seasons.  Like garlic, pumpkins waits for the seasons to roll over.  Recovery at Last Door Keystone Retreat waits between rain storms for sunshine.

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