History, Theatres and other Holy Places

In Toarmina, a few kilometres from Cantania there is an ancient amphitheater that has been preserved through 2300 years of history and is again a cultural gathering place for music and theatre.

Now all that would be simply one more bit of Roman history, however when we climbed up into the “nose-bleed” section and viewed the theatre, the valley and the city of Naxos below  we understood that we were standing on holy ground.  No there were no relics, no martyrs, no saints, but the vistas of glory were  gift.

Bricks, gravity, mortar and stones all COMpile to create memory.  In the language of machines this would require a reboot, however undisturbed wonder yields admiration for time and the author of time.

Back in the streets of Cantania another cathedral marks a quadrant in duomo square  The scattered storm clouds and the emerging blue sky a rainbow in blue and white with promise of another day.  Just for today, no lava, no rain.  Only monuments.

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