Volcanoes and Rain

In one of many craters on Mt Etna we stand somewhat shaken by the fact that over 50 eruptions have occurred since February.  The moonscape further testifies with a barenness that life evolves over hundreds of centuries.  Each volcanic eruption destroying fragile beginnings. We are standing on the granular lava that has been weather worn for wind borne seeds.

Underfoot and hidden from plain view is a network of tunnels created by the magma flow as it creates a lava dome that covers the flow on its journey down hill.  The creation bears witness to the image of the creator.

Between our heads, a house flooded with molten magma and set in the lava field like a petrified memory.  1983.  These are current events!   In our conversations down from Mt Etna there were phrases that marvelled at kinds of fear.  Cantania survived volcanic eruptions.  Cantania was burried in volcanic eruptions.  Last week Cantania had a rain storm that caused the death of three people.  The town was traumatized closed.  There was little talk of regenerative agriculture or the uncertainty of a volcanic eruption.  Maybe it was a Mediterranean “snow day.”

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