Marketplace Loule

Every Saturday morning for over 100 years this town has had a Saturday morning market.  A bronze statue captures the important place the market has in the community.  Not only were people fed in war and peace, but they are fed every week from the gardens of plenty in the neighbourhood.  Margaret pauses with the bronze woman to appreciate the enormity of what this community does.

The peremiter of the market building was surrounded by tables selling this week’s crop.  Fruits, vegetables, processed fig butters, jams, honey and even ham!

The over zealous regulations of our marketing board may need a retro-fit for an eco economy.  What once was preserved might still be more than adequate.  Inside the market fresh fish (6-18 hours old) is sold for Sunday meals.  In the courtyard the bedding plants for a second and third growth of lettuce, leeks and herbs are offered for sale by “handfuls” (such a simple measure!) The dried onions and garlic frame the presentation.

There is no worded way to capture the nature of the selection of produce that was spread in the market.  We arrived in town early on a Saturday morning and were rewarded with a visual feast.  The market building was more important to this community than a supermarket.  Our North American ways of processing foods may be harmful.  Everyone can grow something!

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