Spiders and Seasons and Keystone

The geometric precision of the spider-web patterns are the routines of nature.  Under glass at Keystone the tomatoes and cucumbers flourish for the third time this year.  While in the fields the winter ground cover has been spread, the lime applied where necessary and the ground prepared for spring.  The perennial cuttings, the raspberry canes and the strawberry plants separated from stolen have been set out in the “nursery” for winter keeping.  The asparagus has been trimmed and the Belgian endive buried in sawdust.  The leaves are turning colour and Keystone retreat is ready to host the next family educational weekend.

In the fields the garlics have been set out for next year and the freshly painted stakes mark the rows for next year. Like the Fall spider, the gardens are ready for winter.  A bear has plundered the orchard.  Jam is put away. The celebratory tulip bulbs planted and another spring is just months away.  At the gate with the shovel, there is fresh sand and salt.  There is a precision that comes from nature.  A precision that both nurtures and challenges.  A pattern that scares people and invites them home! There is frost “in the air” and change like seasons will roll from fall to winter.  Change in recovery will be nurtured and the playfulness will return!



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