Stones Steeples Crowns

The roads in this Mexican town are built with rounded boulders.  Stones that will not alter shape in the heat.  Spending a few hours watching these artists stack rocks may seem like a whiling away of time.  The focus, attention to weight, shape and mass, and the connection with the stone became more than attraction.  Meditation without distraction!  The inukshuk stone figures of Canada are a balancing two-legged challenge, however this field of pyres was a meditative miracle.  A moment of grounded serenity.

Down the way stones get stacked in walkways, pathways, roadways… Ways to get from place to place.


Then suddenly the crown of the cathedral steeple appears over the watering hole like a guiding star.  Sometimes the story of the wise travellers, bringing gifts, reaches beyond the tacky and tactile of tourist ways.  Each vista a stepping stone, a mediation, on the path of peace.


The scenery is a stage for acting.



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