Theatrical Pie

Beneath the shadow of the camera person there is an inlaid section of floor that bears witness to the centuries old tradition of inlaid mosaic floors.  This one likely predating the common era.  The arts were not only on stage but also underfoot.

In the tradition of Roman amphitheatres, the seating and stage at the Butrint Archeological Site near Sarandë Albania, not only bore witness to presence but also became a present witness to a cultural past.

I could stand on the stone steps (they were also seats) and be heard on the stage below.  Stones stacked with a meticulous precision even after 20 centuries of wind, rain, sun and earthquakes.

The archways and entrances to the private boxes and backstage areas are a footprint of an overarching history that had civilization crawling for freedom.

The boared lion over the entranceway speaks of submission and conquest.  Concepts from the past that we are still trying to erase rather than remember.

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