My Books

This site exists to share my adventures made possible by recovery and the ideas, stories and photos that emerge during these adventures and in the quiet times between the journeys.

The “Bakers Dozen” book below is a current publication available on-line or directly from this site.  This book was produced as a commemorative reflection of the gift that Last Door is to the recovery community. The next publication will be a collection of poetry. 


This book is both encouragement for the journey and an embrace along the way. A solid recovery perspective lives on every page as an antidote for much of what parades in the media as the problem. A carefully crafted compendium written by a recovery insider sheds light on the essential nature of the spiritual journey that emerges from a lived twelve-step practice while travelling on the dirt road of life. The author’s experience on both sides of the fence bridges the practical nature of recovery to the essential restoration of morality. The keen eye for detail, coupled with an earthquake of personal experience, guides the clinical perspective and envelops the journey with passion and compassion. 84 Pages – Perfect Bound Softcover, or Digital E-Book Read more… 

This Book will bridge the mileage between hotels and dreams. I have written poetry for the past 50 years and in my travels collected notes and stories in hotel rooms around the world.  This new collection promises to be both insight into my journey and a prophetic vision of hope for the next generation.  Still and Still Moving are travelling poems. The poems set in place by hotel stationary carry vistas and reflection. The title from TS Eliot to whom I was introduced in 1964. Last year, I reread my early notes on the Four Quartets. The stillness at the center of a turning world and the Hereclitan notions that the way up and down are the same journey coupled all moments. Looking at the journey of my experience through the letterheads of hotel beds united this collection of sleepless nights. Each snippet captures something that mattered once. A moment that wrestled sleep, like angels on a ladder, from my night. Learning that God is god opened the way through stillness into righteous rebellion. This still moving is a gift—evidence of the human spirit.