Fish fry on the Beach

Fish for four.  The knife keenly cut more than enough steaks from the fresh Mahi-Mahi. The Jimbaran Fish Market  sold fish designed for the nearby beach restaurants and cut each piece sized to be grilled, sized for over indulgence.

The knife debones the fish and skins the fish for filleting. In the hands of a seasoned fish monger the razor sharpened blades render whole fish ready for any table in minutes.

The removal of the bone is not only science and skill, but also art.  The knife wielding surgeon removes the offending bone and renders the fillets for the grill.  With careful handling, lots of ice and timeliness the fish is seared and rests as the crown on each plate.  I borrowed the image of the plate below from Travis’s Instagram message!  No matter how you twist the scripture story, this fish fry was heavenly beyond anything those earthlings grilled on the strand.





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