Scale For Sale

In a beach town known for superlatives the dancing seahorse scaled at 600 times actual size is hardly a reminder of the algae eater that inhabits many an aquarium.  This concrete casting located as a strategic marker along the beach serves as a reminder to all who wander the strand that life in the oceans is precious and contributes to a delicate balance.  The arch tickling performed on the statue reminds us how cold the stone is.  How devoid of response to interaction.  But there is no harm in a mischievous tickle.

A hundred metres along the road a statue to “Roma”.  No this is not a Netflicks promo for the Oscars, this is history.  History of cooking.  Margaret’s nose captures an undercurrent of sewer gas.  The scale of the smells is in accord with the exaggeration of the visuals.

The ego of the people of Thailand is invested in this Buddha figure.  It is higher than the Corcovado mounted statue of Jesus the Redeemer in Rio De Janeiro.  Their Buddha needed to be taller with eyes that overlook the entire area.  One could wax philosophical about the eyes of Christ versus the eyes of Buddha.

At sea level the empty umbrellas await sun worshippers.  This is not about a god as the Egyptians knew.  This was about Sun.  The scale of sunshine at the end of thirty days is a warm and warmer reminder that back home it rained and snowed.  The scale of sunshine was everyday!  Maybe we’ll fly home tonight….

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