Terraces, Patios and Rice

Living and growing on hillsides has been nurtured by generations of farmers.  Each year they patiently carry the most valuable soil up to the highest terrace from which the riches can leach down to feed the lower gardens in the tropical down pours.  Each terrace levelled for water retention and the water flow managed by earthen dams.  Centuries of rice fields nurtured by a technology liberated from pseudo-science.  Organoleptic reviews underscore activity.

Along the roadway behind galvanized guard rails the terraces create vistas of waving grains.  There the freshly tilled soil is waiting for young plants.  On the hilltops the kernels of rice wave in the afternoon breeze.  The harvest will separate the husks from the rice and on drying floors the young kernels will build resistance to mould and mildew.  Rice for tables!

Rows of plants watered by flooding, roots nurtured and cooled by the walkways of water.  The warmth of sunshine and the sacred cooling of water merge to grow crops on this small island.

Across the fields clouds gather. On the horizon temples cross from the sacred to the secular. In the foreground a verdant field.  Nurture is created by the merger of holy water with sacred soil and supervised by what is spiritual.  The land blesses us.


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