A Great Year

The first car I purchased was a 1958 Chevrolet in Grand Rapids Michigan. Price $50 US when the great northern peso was worth more than the American dollar.  Insurance more than $50. The year was1965!   As a student we got two riders to pay the gas to Vancouver and life was simple.  Yesterday we climbed into (yes climbed into) a 1958 Chev held together by bondo, paint, perserverance and a new Diesel engine and rode her to Havana for more than $50!!

This was not a trip down memory lane.  We rode in over- flowing style with every bump mushed away by tired shocks and de stuffed seats.  We laughed about values and experiences we had shared in the old 58.  Later we even partnered with friends to rebuild a 58 station wagon.  Riding in a car that was built when we were eleven years old says more about our disposable economy than anything else does.

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