Art and the Phare Circus

A solo acrobat circles his stage with rice and slowly lays a golden rice mandala on the stage.  Rice is more than food, rice is inter generational respect and trust.  The acrobats reminiscent of the more theatrical cirque du soleil engage the audience and each other with trust and respect.  The perfectly organized kernels popped with abandon all over the stage.  The rigidity of classical forms shattered by the chaos of acrobatics, trust and an emerging new music.

On the scaffolding above the musicians, the artist deliberately paints 9 new mandalas.  There is a cross over between old ways and new hope.  The art of the circus is to have us sit in jaw slacked hope that nothing goes wrong as the next generation takes risks.  Neatness and pattern does not count!  Energy, hope and trust will move the circus from a history lesson to the hopes and dreams of another generation.



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