Back to School II

All good stories have a sequel, and if they are lousy stories they may have three or four.  I was digging in the oceans of memory and unearthed a few tidal gems. The first was a visit to the schoolroom in the shadow of the Karon Temple, here like every Sunday for the past 14 years a fellowship meeting. Chairs too small for even native Thai people, borrowed from a first forum classroom, circled in an oval.  Naked knees knocking.  Thirty years of recovery was the celebration, a triple XXX medallion!  Laughter in a town known for ribald relationships.  Celebration that recovery works anywhere.  Recovery is portable.  The school of fish learned that long ago.  Survival hinges on supporting each other.

The lone fisherman seeks to manage a family meal and casts a net at the turn of the tide.  His school more complicated.  He can only fish sustenance.  The cash his family needs has been eroded by needed environmental regulations. The sequel here is not fair.  We caught these pictures at sunrise — a new day, another lesson.  Sometimes we need to stretch our thinking.  Somewhere in the discussion about the cafe at the Last Door we discussed cafe tables, elevated.  Somewhere in the discussion we forgot to add the vista.  School is not a sequence of events or movies, rather it is a gathering of people moving toward goals — family, food, friends, recovery and fun!  All balanced by laughter!  Where is the view? What is the perspective?

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