The lead painting by Luci Vidales can be found in the veterans gallery in Guadalajara. Her art speaks to the place and spacing of women in our time and culture.  Resting on a bench to view the ceiling paintings is not about rest but about looking at the ceiling.  Orozco said in 1940 that a painting is a poem and nothing more.

On the ceiling the Cabanas XR effect is produced by Synergy studio as were all the super-sized (MacDonalds eat your art out) graphics in the entire space.

When siblings gather on the public art bench and slouch into postures reserved for the couch, then the art of public space and place begins to have more than visual value.  Public art has a subtle way of growing community.

At some point food takes on a new delight.  The sand which becomes the Topa.  The mass production of sandwiches for the Sunday crowd is a bit more like communion than the church ever imagined.  Each Topa prepared with love and individual character.  Sold in the public market.

The day ends at sunset and the family gathers in community overlooking the lake.  Water, fish and boiling odors waft across the evening sky.  The art of celebrating victory is knowing when you’ve been benched for the day!



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