Beyond Cats and Jammers

On the road one could easily misconstrue a 1986 San Francisco group with the nihilist Germanic phrase, katzenjammer.  Speaking either idea on the streets of Sapporo pops up an image of straw cats in Odori Park.  But the cat band in the park promises summer solstice.  The potted plants a carpet of colour.  There in that circular sun-dial plan for plants Margaret bends down trying to break out working.

There is a cultural awareness here of the guiding spiritual principle that underlies much of western discontent.  The trans linguistic adaptation sounds like  shouganai and  in action becomes an acceptance that transcends rebellion.  Things are what they are and I will get over it!  The kin of acceptance required at day’s end.  Day is done and tomorrow will be another day.

We took an opportunity to eat-by-picture last night as we played charades for sushi.  The language was one of laughter, empathy, awareness and consideration.  The meal laid the foundation for our travels in a land of shredded red cabbage salad and the flowers of summer.

As we set engines for the ocean, a dancing send off marked the way. There was a discordance about the cats and jammers — yet a howling harmony sounded as we cut across the harbour mouth into the ocean.



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