Colour between Raindrops

Seeing corn as colourful, requires an acceptance that the anemic yellow ears we first-world-eaters of ears know as corn, may be as edited as much of our fashion and style.  Chain store buyers exhibit extreme conservatism in colour selection because neutral choices are safe.  Yellow corn is safe.  The colour of the Pereuvian kernels are a visual feast.  Colour goes a long way on a rainy day to introduce cheer.  The chair lineup is clearly not an Arlo Guthrie “group W” bench.  This is where we want to sit!


The coloured palette sold as natural dyes and synthetic tints hint that colour has value.


The coffee bar walls washed in colour dance in the square. Children speak of a generation watching the latest you tube clip in clothing more colourful that any video.


On a lowered cloud day with drizzle everywhere, this may be an antidote for damp complaint.

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