Gardener’s Delight

Somewhere between corn stalks and cheap talk there is a kernel of truth.  Grandpa Galer shared a gardner’s dictum, “Knee high by the Fourth of July.”  But this corn was reaching over heads before heading out!  The Bloody Butcher seeds we picked up at West Coast Seeds coupled with some fresh compost, a little water and a loving transplant and behold the stalks and the corn are a visual feast.  Now, as with most vegetables, the pleasure is in the eating.  Tasting!  Sharing!  More on that later!

From the Last Door Keystone Gardens we have harvested berries, vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and whatever coloured variety of cauliflower, broccoli, beans and potatoes. All that we could colour camouflage into the diet of addicts in early recovery. Some days it is amazing how quickly we can revert from dumpster diving to gourmet.  This much is evident: organically grown produce supports recovery.  Colourful!

The early colours on the Fall apples promise a season of healthy fruit grown without pesticides.  Grown with daily love and as the bucket of berries indicates, vine ripened for a creation intended goodness  Big corn stalks and bright berries are nature’s promised goodness to those who are willing to live and enjoy life in recovery.   Fullness is the reward of enjoying life.   When a great cook couples great fruits and vegetables with heat and love, then the banquet table is set for another feasting meal in recovery  A Eucharist of goodness!




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  1. Delightful! And, those corn stalks … wow. Picturing them used again at Thanksgiving. A visual installation would be blessed.

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