Icons of a New Age

Burried in sand and anchoring whatever is tethered to it is this oversized multi -spiked protein model, a visual larger than any icon.  There was a time when snakes and crawling things would scare our classmates, now a spiked protein is as dangerous as a medieval club with spiked nodules that could crush a skull.

On some cast balcony extension a white bearded inflated icon parades as a left over remnant of a season past.  The colour and images are mounted around town as a reminder of a season past. With the poke of a single sharp spike the icon would deflate and revert to the packaging for another season.

Across town the super sized Chistmas tree bears no resemblance to the original evergreen.  Yet the icon marks a season without remarking on the celebration in the candlelit corridors in the Cathedral a hundred meters north.  Somehow this light spiked tree captures large crowds.

The uncovering of Waldo’s hiding place may actually answer the spiked arrangements of the Icons.  There is a truth behind each image and to the passerby it may not matter, but if one is collecting contemporary icons these cultural artifacts might point toward a culture searching for meaning, searching for direction, searching for redemption.

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