Climbing the mount at the back of the temple on a well worn path is contra-indicated by the signage.  The island temple was rescued by Europeans from the rising waters of the high-Aswan Dam. Controlling the flooding Nile and generating electrical power has displaced temples and people. The powerful and the powerless struggle.

In the temple the history of a people is carved in stone. The legends and historical accounts merge in a Coptic community.  The sacrifice of 40 virgins to create the “hanging church” at the flood reaches of the River Nile.

A calendar created based on annual flood calculations.  In the wallways between buildings life is lived and celebrated.

Trying to tie down history and the present sees traditional anchoring bound up with polypropylene rope.  The image captures the richness of tradition and the gift of modernity.  In this country the juxtaposition framed blessing, framed hope, framed eternity.


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