Land Ahoy and other Sightings

The frowned wisdom emerges from a wood block in a type-setters’ shop.  The technology is old but the face is new.  The pressures are those of an emerging industrial powerhouse. The clouds could be both promise and curse. Keeping faith in the almighty shadows of power is both liberating and inspiring. Setting foot (feet) on shore in South Korea could have one shudder in the troughs of territorial waves.  Or as the millions here have done, they live blessed lives, they are prosperous and they tower over the seas  and welcome visitors with open (dis)arms.

The North American brands scream from storefronts and are worshipped on sidewalks.  Yet there are signs that “no name burgers” might even replace some other popular arch enemies.

There are other signs that would make a gardener question biological fundamentals.  For years gardeners (growers) have been working dawn to dusk to get crops to grow faster and fatter.  Yet on the streets of Korea there are signs of slower growth.

Good brands are hard to come by but this fashion shop stood out.  Margaret spotted it first and it did deserve a good shot.  Notice the fine print.  I think I heard the line before.

Underlying some of the strength of this progressive economy and fearless development is a deep-rooted spirituality.  With a dominant Christian culture and traditional Buddhist roots there is a balance between diligence, loyalty, service, pride and humility. On the streets a determination to live, laugh, play and pray.  Movies are memorialized and temples shrined.

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