Meeting as if for the first time and forever

There are times when you can walk into a room and continue a conversation after a week, year or decade absence and it simultaneously feels like you were always there and yet there is a freshness in the meeting.

At the Toronto Gift Show, I had a chance to reconnect with Robert Dohany and talk about the rate of change in the tableware business. Now that in itself would be a good conversation, but the first time I listened to Robert talk about the changes in the industry was in 1984. So we have some history of brief periodic connection followed by instantaneous connection.

In Calgary I ran into Addison at a meeting and we shared story as if we had not been separated.

In Kingston I sat with Dennis and Jenny under a tree in a yard on a warm afternoon and the connection was one that bridged years. Conversations about children, jobs and gardens bridged the chronological gap, but the starting point was always that “knowing”.

I picked up the phone yesterday and chatted with a friend in the hospital and we went from pain to laughter in a shared instant.

The photograph that heads this entry has three faces. Robert and I are clearly older, but the image of Stephan Conran makes the point. In all my connections with people they have moved into the direction of enlarging rings like pebbles in a pond. They have also had this uncanny ability to bring stories full circle and complete broken chapters.

I met Terrance Conran about the time he just finished publishing the “Kitchen Book” and now thirty years later meeting his son and watching him launch a new line of kitchen accessories brought the connection full circle.  Yes, my daughter and her partner might bring a few innovative accessories into Zocalo only because they are a better mouse trap.

This journey has been one of seeing the next generation carrying their vision to the streets of dreams with idealism and determination. Whether a new line of gadgets, a renewed house, a healing body or a recovery meeting the old connections are the foundation for a new kingdom to come.   I took the opportunity to make this journey to attempt to circumnavigate the continent.  I was not looking for a north-west passage and already have found that time is the passage from past to present.  From doing to being!

One thought on “Meeting as if for the first time and forever

  1. Mom and Dad,
    We are safe back in Terrace after our own meanderings. Fun to catch up on your journey this morning as the kids sleep off the late-night jet-setting in our own version of a Westy (WestJet).
    We left your house and vehicle in pristine condition … but I may still have lower standards.
    Enjoy the open road!

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