Nurture and Nature

Along the Atlantic coast we were met with showers and rainbows.  Sunshine and clouds that promised rain.  The power of a full arc of rainbow is more than a Noah story.  More than a promise of love and care.  There is for a moment a double arc in the sky, a double promise of goodness.  Sunshine is coming.  The waves and water wash away at the cliffs and the rainbow promises hope.

There the last historical building of an elementary school.  These uniquely styled elementary schools have been eradicated by political pressure to upgrade the educational system.  Our friend mumbled something under his breath about educational change will take more than buildings.  Nurture will require a respect for nature.

The shapes of the rainbow are repeated in the elevated strawberry  beds.  The arcs hold a filtering cloth to keep the sun-warmth off the berries so these strawberries can produce crops in a climate too hot for nurturing great berries.  Nurturing growth requires stimulation and filtering.  Have we learned about the filtering rainbow of promises.  The promise that takes all of nature and tames it for our nurture and saves it for the next generation.  Impossible but central.


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